Our Winter box was our first box to go out- yay! It has over $100 worth of amazing, stress-relieving products. We are so grateful for all of the support during our first few months post launch, and for all of our wonderful customers who have stuck with us! So, without further ado, our FULL REVEAL! 
To start, our Winter box came with a mug handmade by us here at Serenity Now. It says "anxie-tea" on it, so you can have some tea to relax you ;) It also came with a couple honey sticks for your tea, a tea infuser AND a bag of Vana Tisanes Calm Blend tea! What!! You have the whole kit right there to have a relaxing mug of tea. https://vanatisanes.com
Next, our Winter box included a journal called "Choose Calm: A Journal for Healing Anxiety, Breathing In, and Letting Go." This journal is so good to help you breathe out your stress. There are over 120 pages of inspiring directives to help you find peace and choose calm. We also threw in an extra special gift from Mantra Wellness Magazine which is an interactive magazine for mindfulness and wellness! This magazine is one of our favorites and goes hand-in-hand with the Calm Journal! 
Finally, our Winter box included an essential oil diffuser bracelet with a bottle of calming essential oils! These bracelets and oils are from Kumi Oils, and are amazing to help you rely all day long. You simply put a few drops of the oil on the rosewood on the bracelet and Voilà! A beautiful and relaxing jewelry piece. On top of these AMAZING products we also upgraded our original candles (which was only 4 oz) and handmade our own 8 oz Serenity Now Lavender candles for this box! They are simple, elegant and smell just amazing. The lavender also helps you to relax and take a breather. 
 All in all, this was our favorite box thus far (easy to say since it was our first one), and it was only get better every single season! You can purchase past Season's boxes on the shop once the Season closes for a higher price. We can't wait to reveal our Spring Box next and dive in to the unique products we have had for our upcoming boxes. 
With Love,
Nicole & the Serenity Now Team

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