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What is Anxiety?

What is Anxiety?  If you’ve made it to this page, chances are you’ve been struggling, or know someone struggling, with anxiety or panic attacks. It might feel like you’re completely going crazy or like you are physically dying- but, believe or not, there are actually scientific reasons for why our bodies trigger this response! Anxiety is supposed to be a normal reaction to stressful or dangerous situations- you’ve probably heard about the “fight or flight” response. Basically, when the human mind perceives something as a threat, the body takes over and either fights for life or runs for it. This is incredibly useful in places where there could be a real threat such as a wild lion chasing you, but...

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About Serenity Now

I am Nicole Zarcadoolas and the founder of Serenity Now. Throughout my childhood and adolescent years, I've dealt with quite a bit of grief, loss and traumatic experiences. Like many people, my brain just couldn't handle the overload. I developed a severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder and PTSD, and suffered for years trying to explain how I felt to other people who never seemed to fully understand. I spent years crying daily, begging to just be "normal" and constantly having panic attacks. A small task of driving to the grocery store became a huge feat for me, and I went to countless doctors for them all to tell me it was "just anxiety" and to just "change my mindset." There were...

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