Our Spring box was an absolute hit! It has over $100 worth of amazing, stress-relieving products. We were very intentional to boost your mood after the New Year and start this year on a refreshing and motivational note. 
To start, our Spring box came with a 50 page notepad by Worthwhile Paper that has a cute little motivational quote on top of each page. It retails for $8. https://worthwhilepaper.com
A diamond pen also came with the notepad in order to write down your thoughts and lists every day, and be reminded that you are a diamond- strong and beautiful. It retails for $4. 
We also threw in a mental health magazine from Mantra Wellness which some of you might have remembered from last Season- we wanted to make sure all our new subscribers received this as well! https://www.mantramagazine.com
Next, our Spring box included New York Times best seller Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. We wanted to include some of her motivational goodness in our box and we thought this book was the perfect way for you to reset for the year. It retails for $24.99. https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=rachel+hollis&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

We also included a Jade Face Roller to help relieve some stress at the end of a long day with a Silk Eye Mask, to wear while you sleep. Jade rollers feel so good as you roll them over your face, especially if you throw them in the freezer first! The jade roller retails for $15.99 and the silk eye mask retails for $20. 

Spray some of the Moonbreeze Room Spray that came in the box and you have a full set to get ready for a peaceful night of sleep. This room spray is made by a small woman owned business and smells so amazing! It retails for $8. https://www.etsy.com/shop/MoonStruckHealing

We have two more items that filled this box and our favorite one hangs from your car rearview mirror and you put essential oil inside in order to be relaxed while driving. This was a hit item this season and we are so glad to be able to get some unique items for our subscribers! It retails for $12. 

The other product that is unique this Season is a fidget cube. You can slick, spin and flip it while at your desk or while doing anything in order to relieve stress and tension, and focus your energy into one place. It retails for $9.99. 

Take a look at the full box in this picture! I mean, how cute does it look?? 

We loved this box so much and it just seems like each box gets better and better! Overall this box retailed for over $100 and was full of amazing products! We can't wait for you to continue getting all of this goodness from Serenity Now. 


With Love,
Nicole & the Serenity Now Team


June 04, 2021 — nicole zarcadoolas
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