For those of you who are new here- Hi, I’m Nicole, the founder of Serenity Now. We are a Seasonal Subscription Box centered around helping you relax and giving you some Self- Care Items! Our Spring Box was a wonderful wind-down box full of helpful and comforting items. 
For starters, the Spring box came with a huge retail value item ($85), which was the Collagen Night Pak which you can get at this link. Collagen is great for anti-aging and helps to revitalize your skin. 
The next product that came in the 2022 Spring box was the Pivot book, which 30 days of free yoga! The link to get the book is The book retails for $12.99 and the yoga retails for $30. The Pivot book is a great starter for change in your life and helps to pivot the way you live. 
Next up, we have the Biosilk Lavender Hand Soap and Lotion. Of course, Biosilk is a highly loved brand and the Lavender helps you to relax and feel good long after use. They retail for $12 together and are one of our favorite products in the box. You can get more at Biosilk's site
We also included a super cute ring in this box, that serves as a constant motivational reminder and affirmation to love yourself and that YOU ARE ENOUGH. This ring retails for $25. 
We also put in a cute mascara to make yourself feel good, that doubles as another daily affirmation when you put it on. With a cute pun "Eye Am Beautiful" it will definitely make you smile in the mornings. It retails for $18 and can be found at this link
We can't forget this super cute Self Love Candle from This candle is apricot scented, with rose quartz stones and smells SO GOOD. It retails for $15 and is great for uplifting and energizing. 
Last but certainly not least, we have the mini wheel massager from that retails for $5. A great little tool to take with you to work or keep next to your bed to roll out those knots. 
Overall, we love this box and hope you do t0o! It ended with a retail value of almost $200! This is the best value yet. We try to continue including stress relief products, motivational products, mood-boosting activities and overall, stuff to make you feel good! We hope that this is a wonderful treat to receive every season, and we promise to keep making it better and better!
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Thanks for being a part of our Serenity Now Family,
Nicole & the Serenity Now Team
March 14, 2022 — nicole zarcadoolas

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