Winter Box 2021/2022 Reveal
For those of you who are new here- Hi, I’m Nicole, the founder of Serenity Now. We are a Seasonal Subscription Box centered around helping you relax and giving you some Self- Care Items! Our Winter Box was a wonderful wind-down box full of comforting items and feel good products. 
 To start, our Winter box box came with CBD sticks to help you unwind and relax. One promotes growth for your hair, skin and nails and the other promotes a better night of sleep. The retail value is $5.
The next item we included in this box was Ziri Argan Oil that retails for $24.99. This is the best oil to keep your hair feeling good during the Winter especially. By taking care of yourself physically, it has been proven to help your mood mentally.
This Season, one of the favorite items we included was our very own Mindfulness Card Deck. We are so excited about this product because this is the first product we designed and had manufactured ourselves! Pick a card every day to reset your mind and ground you. Do the activities on the cards whenever you feel stressed, or just as a pick me up. These cards retail for $14.99. You can purchase them at
Another favorite item from our Winter box was this Lemon Lavender Silk Pillowcase. Cozy, clean and stylish too! Sleep good and feel good with this pillowcase with a retail value of $12.99.
We love this lip scrub that we included in this box! We thought the Snow brand was so fitting for Winter, plus some exfoliation for your lips during the cold is so good! This product retails for $28.99.
Next up, we included an oil diffuser necklace, another item made by us here at Serenity Now. Put a drop of essential oil on the heart of the necklace and let the scent of the oil help to relax you all day. This necklace goes great with the essential oil bracelet we had in a past box. We of course had to include another bottle of essential oil (from just in case you ran out from last year! This necklace retails for $10 and the oil retails for $6. 
Last but CERTAINLY not least, we included this super cute planner by to start the new year on a fresh note! The perfect planner for the new made made by a wonderful small family owned business! This is one of our favorite products ever so far! It retails for $17.98. 
Overall, we love this box and hope you do too! It ended with a retail value of over $120! This is the best value yet. We try to continue including stress relief products, motivational products, mood-boosting activities and overall, stuff to make you feel good! We hope that this is a wonderful treat to receive every season, and we promise to keep making it better and better!
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Thanks for being a part of our Serenity Now Family,
Nicole & the Serenity Now Team
March 02, 2022 — nicole zarcadoolas

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