Fall Box 2021 Reveal
For those of you who are new here- Hi, I’m Nicole, the founder of Serenity Now. We are a Seasonal Subscription Box centered around helping you relax and giving you some Self- Care Items! Our Fall Box was a wonderful wind-down box full of comforting items and feel good products. 
To start, our Fall box box came with a gorgeous adult coloring book made to motivate you and help you relax. Color the pages and let your mind drift. Don't let your worries creep in. The retail value is $14.99. https://www.amazon.com/Zendoodle-Colorscapes-Uplifting-Sentiments-Display/dp/1250228794
The next item we included in this box was a vanilla coffee scrub handmade by us that retails for $14.99. Coffee scrub has been shown to reduce cellulite and wrinkles, all while helping you relax. There is even essential oils mixed in to give you the ultimate relaxation while you scrub your body. 
This Season, one of the favorite items we included was a handmade fidget ring by ArtifactsbySofi. Sofi is a 11 year old entrepreneur who handmade every single one of these rings just for you. Spin the beads to help distract you when you have anxious thoughts. It is also a good substitute for nail biting and scratching or other OCD tendencies, while also being fashionable. Did we mention, it's also adjustable?? This ring retails for $14.99. 
We also included these super cute custom stickers, again made in-house by us! These stickers are great for motivation or just to stick somewhere as an every day reminder to smile! They retail for $10 total. 
We just HAD to include our new wax melts, and what better scent for Fall then Apple Cinnamon?! Our wax melts are made with 100% soy wax and smell AMAZING. We also included a gorgeous wax melt machine and candle, so right when you get the box you are ready to use it! The wax melts retail for $10 and the ceramic machine retails for $11.99.
With three more items left that we included in this box, we have a pack of 5 Kitsch satin hair ties (that are SO comfortable) ($8), Cloudz fuzzy socks infused with aloe (6) and a pack of 500 MG Vitamin C tablets ($5.99)! We loved these scrunchies and have been seeing them everywhere so we just HAD to include them. Use them to put your hair up while you use all your self care items! The fuzzy socks are great for relaxing during the Fall season and snuggling up with your wax melts lit, while the vitamin c is great to fight all those illnesses going around! We love a good functional item! 
Overall, we love this box and hope you do too! We try to continue including stress relief products, motivational products, mood-boosting activities and overall, stuff to make you feel good! We hope that this is a wonderful treat to receive every Season, and we promise to keep making it better and better!
Thanks for being a part of our Serenity Now Family,
Nicole & the Serenity Now Team
September 23, 2021 — nicole zarcadoolas

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