Summer Box 2021 Reveal
For those of you who are new here- Hi, I’m Nicole, the founder of Serenity Now. We are a Seasonal Subscription Box centered around helping you relax and giving you some Self- Care Items! Our Summer Box was a great refresher to get you energized for Summer, while also helping you to relax and give you that self-care you need. Once again, this box came boasting with over $100 worth of goodies!
To start, our summer box came with a gorgeous custom-made colored pencil art piece by Jay Harmon Art. He made this piece just for the box, to help you relax. It is a beautiful, colorful scene of a sunset on a beach with two beach chairs. Hang it in your office or room to look at and to picture yourself on a beach relaxing whenever you get stressed. This picture retails for $34.99.
The next item we included in this box was a glass water bottle (who doesn’t love a glass water bottle) with a colored sleeve that retails for $18. There were a few different colors you could’ve received. This item is great because you don’t realize how much something as simple as increasing your water intake can help reduce stress and anxiety. Stay hydrated this summer friends!
This Season, one of the favorite items we included was a Fleur and Bee Facial Cleanser. This cleanser comes in a glass bottle and is so great for not drying out your skin. It looks and feels elegant, and retails for $18 by itself!
We also included The Ultimate Wellness Planner to help you get back on track this Summer! It comes with everything from medication tracker to mood tracker and even fun affirmations to hang. We put it on a metal ring so you can take out and replace the pages as much as you’d like- and emailed out the PDF to all our subscribers so they can print as many as they’d like. This retails for $15.
One of our favorite items that is mood-boosting and interactive that came in the Summer Box is the Stress Less Card Deck. This card deck comes with 100 tips for living a stress-free life. We encourage you to read one a day to change your mindset and increase your happiness every day. With its gorgeous design and super full deck, it retails for $7. 
With three more items left that we included in this box, we have a lavender shower steamer, sheet face mask, and relax hand sanitizer. We thought the hand sanitizer was super fitting since we are coming out of a global pandemic and it more important than ever now to stay clean! This sanitizer has lavender essential oils to also help you relax at the same time ($5). The sheet face mask is a “Sun Bae” theme from Facetory and has aloe to fit with the summer theme ($2.50). Finally, the Lavender Shower Steamer has been a Season favorite from subscribers and is amazing for helping you relax in the shower with its aromas ($7).
Overall, we love this box and hope you do too! We try to continue including stress relief products, motivational products, mood-boosting activities and overall, stuff to make you feel good! We hope that this is a wonderful treat to receive every Season, and we promise to keep making it better and better!
Thanks for being a part of our Serenity Now Family,
Nicole & the Serenity Now Team
June 29, 2021 — nicole zarcadoolas


Victoria Armstrong said:

Is this box.still available?

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